Key Team Website Features

  • Communication& Documentation

    Send group emails and text messages with just one click. Contact members from the current season or a prior one. Make all of your forms, such as permission slips and sign up forms available online.

  • Scheduling

    Manage facilities, plan schedules, ensure transportation, generate reports and check everything from your iPhone or android. You can broadcast updates about your events easily via group texts and emails.

  • Records, Statistics & Leaderboards

    Send group emails and text messages with just one click. Contact members from the current season or a prior one. Make all of your forms, such as permission slips and sign up forms available online.

  • Roster & Alumni Management

    Keep track of the player vitals, such as height, weight, as well as the primary and secondary positions that they play.

  • 3 Easy Ways to Fundraise

    Collect money through PayPal, make money from site sponsors.

  • Team Delegation Settings

    Assign permission to coaches, boosters or other involved parents…the school secretary can do the job too!

  • Privacy

    Privacy settings will help you determine who is viewing your content & allow you to determine how much you want to share

  • Social media

    Players and fans are on Facebook and Twitter. Our OPTIONAL social sharing tools make it easy to share your pages to give you added exposure.

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  • Pricing & Packages

    We strive to make our pricing affordable for any team.

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  • Blog

    Our company Blog is a great resource for ideas on how to market your team website or other athletic programs.


How Our Team & Leagues Websites Work Together

The vision of how the pieces come together

If it takes less than 10 minutes to make a change to your team website, you can update it frequently with the latest game scores, player stats and team photos. If you update it often, it becomes a dynamic resource that players, parents and other fans will use, saving you countless hours answering the same questions and coordinating your team resources. Winito Athletics is committed to helping you grow your athletic program by providing cutting edge tools for scheduling, fundraising, statistics, recruiting & maintaining long-term relationships with everyone who has participated in your sports programs, from alumni and fans, to donors & athletic directors. Experience a team website for yourself with a 10-Day FREE Trial of a team website.

Spread the word with easy team communication tools

The best athletic websites are up to date with all the latest team schedules, scores and stats. They showcase the players and have all the great action shots to capture the memories and nail-biting games. If you have 20 sports and 3-4 teams within each sport, the task of updating the site and keeping up with everyone can be a challenge. With Winito Athletics, all you have to do is require that each team update its own section of the site once a week and you'll have a fresh up-to-date site where the work is spread around.

You're always in control and always able to monitor or override to ensure that all sections of your site meet your standards.

Winito Athletics saves your coaches, players and fans a significant amount of time by helping them communicate and get organized. When you let them showcase their talent, you will attract better athletes who want to have their talents showcased too. For athletes looking to get recruited, your site is the perfect way to market their skills. When you have a hot new site, recruiters will be coming back to see what new talent you've attracted to your program.

The more you use your site as the hub for all athletic activities, the more traffic your site will have and the more you can charge your sponsors. Players and coaches can leverage these apps to stay abreast of all your activities. The 3rd way you can leverage your site for fundraising is the player profile donation buttons through PayPal. Have athletes send their profile page to all of their extended contacts and their parents entire address books when you're requesting donations. Be sure to follow our blog for more fundraising and marketing tips to get your community involved and invested in the success your athletic program.